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Reviews for "Bulletproof : Pico Day 07"

I think

it was ok because i like the part that they bust through the window,and smokey fell asleep.Its good but i have one question.Did the ghetto bots shot the teacher or did them two stick guys shot the teacher.One more thing,nene look nasty.It would have been better if they just killed nene don't you think?Anyway its a really good review.Ok really one more question.Can you guys put Darnell in newgrounds rumble?It would really make that game a hit.Nice job on this movie.See ya

RWA responds:

Well,first of,thanks for the review. I am glad you enjoyed the movie. Nobody shot the teacher, Pico was about to attack ghetto boys but then Smokey nailed him. I think it's better this way with Nene. And about the newgrounds rumble, I think you should suggest that to the people who actually made it,'cause I didn't. Peace.


Great animation, but as somebody said on about page one, a lot of the words ARE missing on the subtitles. Maybe you used a font that isn't on everybody's computer, because most of the time, the large lines get cut off. Unless you embedded it, of course.

Example- "Aww, poor wittle what want some of" was all that appeared.

Still, it's pretty awesome, 5/5.

RWA responds:

Yeah,I used font but didn't break apart the letters,so they are missing,sorry. Thanks for the tip. Glad you liked it!


men that's the best pico movie i ever watched!!!It's long enough not like the others Those greg and smokey are so funny

RWA responds:



It tells the true story i longed to know.they should make pico school 2 so you can do another

RWA responds:

I will probably do a remake of this one anyway. Thanks!


man that was funny hope you make more awesome

RWA responds:

I was gonna make a fullbody improved edition for Pico Day 08 but didn't have the time. Hopefully it'll be done for PD 09