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Reviews for "Bulletproof : Pico Day 07"


it gives u a behind the scenes point of view

RWA responds:

thanks :D


man thats funny poor wittle rat want some of my weed lol

RWA responds:



garht=loser itwas very good!! if pico 2 ever comes out (i dont hink it will) you should make a movie bout that too!!! or you should make a sequal to this movie or redo it :)

RWA responds:

I was going to re-do the movie with new graphics,better voices,fullbody and all for 08 pico day,but didn't have time to do it,since I was too occupied with my new series. Hopefully I'll do it soon-ish

thanks for the review

Oh...that's what happened!

Great man! Lots of swearing, but you still managed to explain the littlest details about Pico's School which I never thought about! Nice for the details, but you still didn't explain how those two sticks got through the metal bars of the school, lol
You also got me there where you said at the end of the credits there will be an extra scene, but there wasn't, and you made me watch the whole credits!
Sneaky, but clever.

RWA responds:

Yeah I know,lotsa people fell for it. Thanks for the review,glad you liked the movie

Sweet movie

The graphics and effects we're awesome along with the audio and the who layout was done really well,a very creative movie.

RWA responds:

thanks,much appreciated