Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"

Eagerly awaiting the sequel

Even after several play throughs this game continues to be fun. The idea behind this game is very original which I think everyone can appreciate. I really liked the upgrade system; my strategy was to buy whatever was cheapest at any given time. I love free play mode- it can get very chaotic.

I also just saw the preview for the sequel on Ongaku and it looks like it will be more of the same fun stuff. I thought I saw parachuters coming out of the planes and I wonder if you'll be able to bounce off of those although it didn't seem like it. In any case, thanks for your stream of good work!


this game is pretty fun...i'd like to see more


This is a great game i got to lvl 13! and my best combo was 20!


Reminds me of a time when me and my friends went downhill on our bikes and hit a car hard but wasn't damaged at all not even a scratch Nice man


this is what NG is about this game is the best i got so addicted to it great job dude