Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"


great game, loved the part where you can get unlimited fuel and play as long as you want. Even tho you can play as long as you want, you have people on here with no lives play this game forever getting over 200 combos!?!?! geese its like impossible getting on the top ten.

Anyway good job pretty nice. I think you should make like a tank war game with like multiplayer and weapons and stuff. Maybe soldiers different tanks and equips. Idk just a thought but it is a good game.

looking forward to your next one :)

gooood game

i liked it good game! keep it up


i absolutely love this game i've been addictied for he past hour.
for some reaseon i always fall exactly 3 points short of the level where i need 1779 (i think) to pass.

Brilliant game

It's amazing and addictive! The best way to die of lack of food!


I loooooooove this game. Fucking nProtect won't work, so I'm hooked on this. THANK YOU FOR THIS! WHOO!!