Reviews for "IndestructoTank!"

great game

this is the funnest game on newgrounds!!!!!!!


bloody fun mate

it had potential

but i think it sucked , really bad. you lose sometimes when its not your fault, i mean theres time in the game when the enemy comes one at a time, and one enemy doesnt help that much. ive often had a plane fly across the screen and not drop anything at all, i had the frequency for all them to at least 7. and when planes dont come, you lose, and that really sucks man. bad game.

I logged in because this game deserves a....

See i had max upgrade on everything...Exept miners...When i was about to get the level up...I exploded >:(
Really,you can do better than this.
Please PM me why this game is so horrible.
This is 100% of EXCATLY what i think so don't boter with the 'delete comment' junk.