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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

what the hell?

too confusing...u dont give a tutorial at all and its impossible to understand how to play so u get 1 star

great but hard

this is probably one of the best games i have played but it was a bit hard at the start to understand

Good but Demo version? yuck

This game has great gameplay but i would play this game more if it didn't have a demo version

I found the game to be very good.

No deeper meaning, no confusing plot. Just click and destroy. If you played the first one, then you should pick up this game in a cinche. when ever im bored or at work. this is one of the games i come to. its strategy based. you can't just go in and shoot like crazy. you have to have a plan, be it through negotiation or direct attack. I really like this game. i just wish the demo had more tools.

WAY TOO Confusing!

Way too confuseing, make it more realistic and stuff like. have you travel too deff countries to attack and counquer them. i think you might have potential... but seriously man. this one is stupid.