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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

Great Game

I like it alot.There are a couple of things they could do to make this game better, but it is good as it is.
Alot better then the first world domination


This game is fun, time consuming, and hard

BUT it does get a little old after a while

good but bugs

i would give a higher rating but there are some problems,

You should make it a little faster when you are attacking or getting attacked,

Alot oftimes when i play on medium and hard it doesnt happen on easy or it hasnt happened to me, but anyway when you are defending lets say from a rocket and you use an anti rocket it will shoot but it doesnt destroy it and it then destroys part of your building, and other times it will work, it makes me mad and i almost won on the hard with the free version.


dont bother playing.
nother DAMN marketing ploy to get money.

i really wish newgrounds didnt allow demos...
cuz they SUCK.

even this one.
which has really good potential.


An excellant game you have here, has almost every aspect that i could want from a strategy game of this type. i have a couple of suggestions as i always do. First theres a bug with the A.I. They will offer you a peace treaty, then on there next turn offer it to you again, its not that bad but should be fixed since it takes away from the game. Secondly i would recommend having a new dynamic with the technology part. Its very easy to simply buy whatever weapons you want, etc, but i think it would be alot more strategic if the technologies you can have be random. this provides realisim with a new sense of strategy ( example, if i invested 100 million in technology i might get missles or aircraft carrier, and in the next game i can do the same thing but might get a different result) at least make that optional, havng to work with what is provided with me, and adjusting to the different tech's of my enemies seems more interesting to me but its just an opinion. Even if you dnt do any of these things, its a great game, but the reason i gave out 9, instead of ten is simple...MULTIPLAYER!... that would make it perfect. that aside, great work!