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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

the best game ive played all year, but...........

i found a glitch that definetly needs to be fixed. when u click a defensive weapon ( its the only one it happened to me on ) but u the decide not to use it, it wastes it. can u plz fix that

Youdagames responds:

Its no glitch its needed to have strategic elements to it.
If we would leave that out the game would be less fun to play.
Because you would win easily and there would be no challenge at all.

It's an interesting game.

This is from the flash submission page:
"If this is a preview, trailer or demo of an unfinished project, please submit it to NG ALPHAS! Users often don't take kindly to unfinished work in the Portal. "

Don't submit demos here. It's pissing annoying to play a get filled with "only in full versions."

And this game is definitely not worth $15 American. Even if it is easy to understand the interface, you should have still put in a tutorial.

Oh, and as silly as this is, the game needed for flashiness. Nothing really looked THAT impressive, and in this day and age, image is important. REALLY important.

The attacks also, look kind of weird. For example, my game, the upper left player would send a direct attack of infantry to the upper right player. So the little men would scoot over in their dingy and run to the city to shoot it. But they way they'd move looked so weird and unnatural.

More dynamic camera angles would have definately made this game worth the money. For instance, when someone prepared attacks another city by dropping a normal warhead on them with a plane. Have (with the option to skip or disable the cutscenes, so as not to annoy players not wanting the feature.) the camera change to a sort of 3rd person to the plane and follow it to the bomb site.

Well, I hope you consider my suggestions. It is a good game, just.... not good enough to pay for yet.

i didn't killing mass numbers of ppl was so fun

it was a brilliant game on which i played for hours. i think that you should be able to make alliances with other countries to add an extra edge to the diplomacy bit. would b mor interesting then. anyway overall it was gr8

So cool

Anyway. This was neat. I played for hours and there was so much to actually try and find a strategy. Neat game, man. Very neat game. I only wish I could appreciate it in the full but alas! Everything is costing money these days. =p

not bad

basiclly its war game and lots strategy u added lots new stuff better then early version.but still need to buy the full version to be able to enjoy it fully.
i always win in the end.im just too good i guess.great game!