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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

Well worth playing if you have a lot of spare time

Obviously, this game is lengthy and takes some getting used to, as are most games worth playing. It was, however, highly stressful. Also, enemy spies would be much more effective than mine in all circumstances, i.e. when I'm poor and use a Spy 2 against a rich nation I get bugger all, but their spies will essentially wipe me out, then when I'm rich and they're poor, I get nothing. I ended up in a situation where I sided with the poor guy, so when I did occassionally piss him off (with propoganda) he'd be forgiving. Then I took out the other two gradually with my allies help, set up a really powerful bomb and went for my ally. By that point it wasn't hard to take them both out as I had a massive starting advantage and the first attack, which they didn't defend. Of course, I got fucked over for it, but it nearly worked. A well-rounded game - congratulations.

Youdagames responds:

It all comes down to the skills of your spy. Spy1 is less powerfull than Spy4.
However i strongly recommend any spy in certain circumstances!


A second one, sweet. <3
I've forgotten how exactly to play this game but i figure ill get the hang of it eventually, maybe ill buy it this time. Nice work guys. :)

3 words

Best game ever. Thats all.

Great Job

This game is really good! Though it is quite challenging-3 tries to beat easy =( . The only thing I wish it could have was a save option...

great job

Youdagames responds:

We have decided not to add a save option. For the reason that will be apparent when you see WD3 propably beginning of next year!

3 simple words...

Best game ever!