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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"


its better than the first 1 but this 1 is a bit confusing to me

Youdagames responds:

Bet you are talking about the interface... We took a lot of time designing it because of all the option we had to find a solution that would give a natural feel to operating the game. The flow is like this: se;ection goes in reading direction from left to right. When more detailed options are available the middle screen activates and deatils can be selected there when selections are confrimed the action containers will trun to the color green When 2 containers are green you canpush the confrim all big red button!

hells yeah

fricken awsome i love ur work dude u kickass i give u a 10 for being fricken sweet rock on yeah

Crap a Demo??

Ok first of all it is a cool game. Good job with the improvements. I like the seals and all the other improvements. However it seemed way too complicated compared to the first one, i know i am being lazy by not reading the tutorial, if there is one; i did not check. The thing that bothers me is the limited demo version. Yeah i know you are trying to make some money but there are not that many games on newgrounds that make demos trying to get people to buy. That kind of pisses me off. If i wanted to buy a game i would buy a real one, not a flash.

Youdagames responds:

You just don't get it do you Why do you think XBOX and Wii have an arcade shop online? Because people still like these games and want them instead of a huge 3dgame that is bulges with realistic 3d graphics and scary real violence.

Dont Pay just to Play

Wow, A demo verision, your other demo of World Domination was bad. Now this one, Im not gonna read the instructions or some stuff for like 30 minutes then play a demo. Im not gonna pay just to buy this, when there are like zillions of games out there better than this... So dont play this, wow a demo verision, no wants a demo, They want to play the full. This is flash, not go buy something. Geez when will people understand...

Youdagames responds:

We understand alright. There many people out there and i mean many that really really want these kind of games.
XBOX Wii and Playstation3 have just recently seen that there is a real need for these games. I would have hoped that you had had your eyes open and would have seen that! We have!


and freakin addictive!