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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

absolute greatness

wow. This is gotta be the second best game on ng. This outblew your last game in coolness. What i like best about this is were given more choice in the demo. Which actually convinced me more to want to buy the full version. Keep up the good work!


A great game you got there. I don't understand those who don't understand the way it works, since it was actually really simple and user-friendly.
A very good game, which got me hooked for many hours. That's actually the problem of the game since it has a very slow pace and no save button.
Graphics. I wanna know how you made those because they looked freakin AWESOME!

Youdagames responds:

Try playing it offline... The speed rapidly increases!
All buildings are created in 3dmax and a orthographic camera setting was used.
Documentation on all building was gathered by extensive research throughout the net.
The karikatures of the world leaders were drawn in photoshop.
Aftereffects was used to composite shadows. In some cases Poser 7 was used, mainly in the cheats.


Please, instead of making another of those, improve on the user-friendlines of the interface!! Its extremely badly made, the information is spread everywhere, and means nothing.

Youdagames responds:

Its a game that needs getting into!
But for a game as complex as this one its very user friendly... just take time to get into it.


not great and since it a startegy game not much statergy.You can't team with anyone and a lot of the time everyone attacks you.Yes you could pay them not to but hey what are we cowards?
A score system would be nice to know who's on top.
Needs improvement

Youdagames responds:

I have written 2 a4 sheets full with strategies. Believe me the AI is very advanced. But leaves more than enoughroom for strategy. Its full of it! Score systemis really not needed. Your score is the most important! The score of the others are actually the state of their land. Further more the goal is world domination so you need to get rid of all the others!

It's ok

But the other countries only attacked me, never each other. That got a little annoying.

Youdagames responds:

How they look at you is half important the thing is how they look at eachother iseven more important.
They may love you but they maybe they love eachother even more!