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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2"

My first try was around 4:36

An escape #2

A very wired game but it, alright.

blam this peice of crap

it doesn't make any sense, you follow the walkthrough directions you set the stupid watch to 3:35 and it says they're is supposed to be a key to open the little door in the closet ceiling but their is no key and the walkthrough doesn't tell you where it's supposed to be, it doesn't make sense. I don't know if this is a glitch or what or just part of the game itself, but please fix it.

Afro-Ninja responds:

The game is not glitched, you probably just set the clock hands backwards. Learn how to tell time before discrediting me


I'm pissed. It might justn MY computer but on the walkthrough it said "Type 11 1787; the date of the letter" when the date of the letter is 11 1987!! What the fuck?! I dont give a fuck. maybe this might be a useless comment but fuck. that aint cat shit, dog shit or pigeon shit. thats bullshit.

you have glitches

when i set the pocket watch to 3:35, no key ever came out. you need to check that out