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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2"

Really fun!

Finished in under 10 mins.

Interesting with the clues and puzzles. Ticking sound was a bit annoying though!

Well done!


could have put some music in

that tick tocking is annoying. i had to turn it off. pretty easy did it in 5:39. it was a little borin but i had fun with it

The first one was harder

8 minutes 57 seconds (I HATE THE TICK TOCK NOISE)

great game can't wait for the next one

i made me really mad thatthe password wasn't 11171987 and i was to stupid to leave out the 19 which led me to cheating. but other than that bit this was an awesome

pretty good

it was good but not as good as the phone booth but still i really like these games, and it must take sum time to put these together too goodwork.