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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2"

hate the walkthrough

it was ok game but it is to easy when you tell exactly what to do

Fun but....

the game was awsome an fun, but easier than the first.

good but 1 major flaw

the date in the letter is wrong so you can't get the key and what's with the shoehorn?

Oddly buggy.

The other games in this series I played so far seemed to work fairly well and were intuitive, if a little obscure sometimes.

However, on this one I ran into a roadblock as pocket watch would not open after following the obvious hint and even checking a guide to confirm it. Yep, that watch just wouldn't open despite doing exactly what I was apparently supposed to.

Either the game glitched or there is such a tiny, infinitesimal one-pixel wide spot that counts as the right 'code' that I would have to spend ages finding the right sweet spot. Honestly, that's not a very good design choice and only leads to frustration. The other ones were pretty fun though, once I figured out that looking at the ceiling was something you could do.

Afro-Ninja responds:

you probably have the hands backward :(

My first try was around 4:36