Reviews for "Tomato Trick"

POD can... explode!

A little short but then it is just one of many. I look forward to the rest as this is pretty promising.

Am I right in thinking that you got the idea for this from POD? Assuming you know what I'm talking about.

El-Cid responds:

POD. . .the band or the mp3 player? *scratches head*


*bursts out laughing* Dude, this is the one submission that made me burst out laughing!!! The voices were perfect, the violence was....violent, and the humor quite obvious!! Please make more, possibly a stick of celery that spontaniously combusts or something! Awesome man..just awesome!

Hahahah! Ohhh...

It was so cute... and so funny... Very random. Nicely drawn. 9/10!

5/5. The tomatos voice was cute. You should make more veggie randoms. O.o


That was a great lol. Really. Get to work on the future ones.



El-Cid responds:

Ohohoho. I am.