Reviews for "Tomato Trick"


Finally, a sudden cutout on screaming. That's what makes it funny. And dont do what the poor tomato did. I tried and now i'm blind in one eye.


Great short. You should make more than 50 episodes at least lol. I never knew vegetable violence could be so cruel and hilarious.

Love it


That was pretty funny. Nice style, and props for the music choice at the end. It made me smile. Yeah that was some good stuff.

Not quite worth the score...

Considering the length. Still funny as hell.

100th review on this movie woo.

Poof to the boom boom

Yays... Random lafter rawr!!! =D
The tomatoe made me want to test this out... veggies + bomb = O_o
and it DOES = O_o

so in short... try it at home XD

Loved the flash : quick, smooth, and boomy