Reviews for "Tomato Trick"


Best things in life are simple, and this proves it! BOOOOOOOOOOM TOMATOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

omg, so great...

that was genius. thank you for making my day a bit better.

El-Cid responds:



So random... watch the pickles face lol!!!!


Well worth the 5 seconds of loading and the 10 seconds of watching.

Rejected cartoons meets Veggie tales!!! pwnage!

If you don't know what Rejected cartoons are, search for them on google...

at any rate, here's the long and short!

Good things
Great animation!!!
Funny as heck!!!
Voices were brief, but funny!

Bad things
Like my G/B Idea... it's very short... can't wait to see more though!

overall! GREAT!!!