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Reviews for "Over Nine Thousand Licks"

Not bad

Umm... last I checked you used the voices of DBZ characters for this, but hell it was worth seeing. Keep it up!

Lol over 9000 is still funny

This was just hilarious. Btw hiaman over 9000 is not from newgrounds. It's from youtube look it up.


omg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooo
lol funny flashe u should do 1 about the move 300
madness no this is sharman ultra!!!!!!!!!!


You looped it but, it was great!!!
I loved how u incorporated dragon ball into it!
Yah, it's over 9000 did get really famous! =)


this was awesome, the thing of "its over 9000" is from super mario bros z (here on newgrounds)