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Reviews for "Over Nine Thousand Licks"

This is great.

I 5'd it, although the sound was a bit rough and loud.

That made me laugh.

I don't know why, its just REALLY funny. XD

cool one

that was a lame commercial, but that was a nice animation. making fun of that old commercial is always good. i can't believe they had to ask that question.... on their own commercial... not very smart, but like i said, its always good to make fun of. this animation was pretty nice, good graphics and audio, offered some nice entertainment and your efforts were cool.

lol its funny just not that good.

you need more, is you made a longer movie like that it would be really funny. and might just make first page!

OVER 9000!?!?!?!

Yeah it was kinda funny....but....still...it looked unfinished...and it probably is...i dunno...

either way... i believe its not good enough to stay up....sorry dude...