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Reviews for "Over Nine Thousand Licks"

Would of been better, if it was allot longer.

I agree with boxybrown1, that is a rather old joke, the animation wasn't all that great, i did like the over the top drama though, and the voices weren't all that bad, but in my opinoin not good enough for front pafe material. Sorry Nicholas Trujillo. Better luck next time man.


Thats all I can say.

Very Short but oh so funny!

That was so cool! I totally remember those characters! That is hella funny man!

Omg dude. . .

I gave it a 8 because it was damn funny to watch but I agree with the other guy and I hate loops too. Other then the whole loop factor, I knew what was gonna happen, what was gonna be said, and how it was gonna be said and I got to tell you I still lmfao, I never laughed that hard tonight I promised, it's an old joke but it's been put just right here. Awsome dude, just awsome.

i hate loops

what the hell... i mean at least put in an effort for the play button. you can download them in newgrounds