Reviews for "Retron"

Crist dude!

I can barely handle just shooting things like this without all the...should I say...epicness.
But, it was great and the music was somehow fitting...

Too easy or hard?

I guess I should not spoil it for anybody, but the gameplay shown in this is just very well done. Congradulations on winning the Weekly 5th Place when this did not win any other award! The coolest part was how you had no idea what was going to happen next. The layout is in fact fairly simple but the gameplay more than makes up for it. After awhile, you can make it easier on yourself by just pressing fire over and over. Objects/enemies seldom hit you if you continue firing in the same direction.

This is the kind of game where it's an exercise to just figure out and is as much of a puzzle game as a shooter game. There could be some more detail put in, but still very good. I like the music you used. You seem to have real depth onto the screen not just with the puzzle effects, but how it goes when you just die. This was a creative game and I am glad the controls were simple.


WHOA! Distortion to the max. Simple graphics for the sprites seem vital. I gotta hand it to you, this is a work of art! One of the greatest games I've ever played simply for the shifting screen. Decidedly unique, too. Great, great, GREAT fun!!!


Great game i ever played awsome!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Armor Games, Kenney and any other helper are very smart! Way to go, guys!