Reviews for "Retron"


cool BUT SO HARD when i went on there at first i was bworried BUT NOW IM, NOT DUH

This game is one of the best!!!

The music is super cool! I did notice that the game over screen is a reference to home star runner though... This is the bomb.

Great Game but,

Damn, its hard!

Wow that some power

I have to say this was unexpected. Now i see why every one calls it hard. Over all a great game for the kids. Haha my child was twisting his neck to keep up with the game movement. (KAS) Kids Approval Seal. gratz P.S The back ground music fits perfectly.

my best was 2367

this game is awesome, retro shooter + annoying screen movement = hard as FUCK
but i enjoyed this....i might beat my record... well here goes the score

5/5 awesome
9/10 damn... hard as fuck