Reviews for "Retron"

Almost perfect!

Love it man good game!


I liked it some. Average shooter with the only twist is that the screen will annoying twist around. I see that your games only have these weird annoyances in which might or might not translate to fun.

Just alright

Its ok but does get boring really quick. I pretty much agree with theweaver2

Not bad

It gets a bit repetetive and boring though. Not much you can do to "fix" that issue. It just doesn't appeal to me I guess.

The song you used sounds a lot like the song "Popcorn." If this audio is a remix of that, you should probably make some mention of it in credits somewhere.


i know its wrong to vote down something because of the ads but its kinda your fault this happened. The banner is in the way and wont close and im getting annoying pop-ups. Thanks for crashing my browser Captain Fuck Up Commander of the USS Piss-us-all-off.