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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

You threw a 360 instead of the PS3?

seriously dude wtf was that? PS3 suxors, but alrighyt movie I guess throw 2 PS3's insted of one X-box 360!!! >:C


100 per%!!!!

incredible quite possibley the greates t movie ever concived by man!! W0ot!!


freaking hillarious.....TAKE MAI DOLLA XD freaking sweet


intresting ,the jokes were mostly hit and miss but i enjoyed the benny hill "omage"...and well who likes the x-box360 anymore
the wii has the best gameplay the PS3 takes the best graphics so
what does it have normal and adverage...i also could have lived without the "super" speedo>_<

I agree with Demonium

It had bland humor and was predictable with the Dead Rising jokes. Also, 360 rocks, NEVER throw one.