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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"


it was really funny aboot the game consoles but you could have spent more time on the ending it was pretty abrupt and didnt make sense it ruined your hard work

Amazing !

Best flash I've seen since Decline of Video Gaming !
I love zombie films and gaming so this was amazing :D

Could be better

The script felt a little slow paced, an extra character feels necessary because there's a lot of space to be filled.
The graphics were ok, nothing special but not bad.
The sound, though you picked nice songs, didn't fit the movie in the slightest. Trust me, I like those songs, I know Animals word for word, they just don't fit.
I've got to say, it could have been more inventive too. Everything felt too stereotypical or overdone.

loved it

Great voice acting, great storyline, few good gags thrown into the mix aswel, was nice to see the ps3 and wii saved ^^ down with the 360!!

Bit off wtih the british accents thou ¬_¬ being english myself and soundin nothing like that!! =D anyway loved it - hopfully that to be continued will be followed up in the near future =-)