Reviews for "Tom Fulp Experience"

Woah. Fucking awesome.

Duuuuuude. That was fucking awesome. Seriously. Like...when I saw it, I was like "Dude, that's fucking awesome."Like I would've shat myself from the awesome-ness of this thing had I decided that it'd make my pants all dirty, and nobody likes dirty pants. They're so...not clean! I mean, slightly nasty is kinda okay I guess but dirty pants....man. .....Oh yeah, and that Slurpee scene was just awesome. The dancing cat was awesome, but man...that slurpee scene...just....was awesome...er.
Anyways, I thinks that uh...this...is..uh...yeah! Woah, dude. I want a slurpee now...but I'm too lazy to go all the way to 7-11 for a slurpee. ugggh. Woah, my lamp rules. 'cause it's all black and dusty. Man, you gotta love the dusties. Woahhh, this pen's red. You like red pens? 'Cause I don't. I prefer the black or blue ones. And SOMETIMES those awesome orange ones. But it can't be the shitty orange pens, cause those things are shitty. They're not the awesome orange pens. Hehehe, I have a mug filled with pens and on the front it says "Awesome!" and it shoes some fat german man holding a pipe. I dunno why he's holding a pipe, but hey, he's just that much more awesome. I mean who doesn't want to hold a pipe and have the words "Awesome!" on their forehead? I certainly do want to be that fat german man if I can hold a pipe and have that written on my forehead. Woah, ow. The sun's in my eyes and i'm like "Dude, the sun's in my eyes" cause my blinds are open and stuff. It kinda sucks. And there's this little retarded dog my neighbor owns that sounds like it's trying to bark but it's too much of a 'tard to bark, so it's just scraping it's face against the gate. It's mildly entertaining, like cream cheese or sodium. Man, don't you just love bagels? I love bagels. They're fucking awesome(Like this movie!) cause they're all like a donut, but you put cream cheese on it and it tastes fucking awesome. Woah, I wonder what would happen if you put cream cheese on a donut? I mean seriously, you'd be like "Dude, i'm eating cream cheese that's on top of a donut!" then the bagel police will arrive and be like "Dude, what in shits name do you think you're doing?!" And you'd be like "I'm eating donut on a cream cheese." so they'd pull up a chair, spread some donut on their cream cheese and tell you old sailor stories. Then you'd be like "Woah....I'm out of cream cheese." and you'd have to go to like...Ralphs to buy new cream cheese, but they'd have the lowfat kind and you'd be like "Dude, I hate the lowfat kind. It's like chewing on my own hand." So you go to Albertsons and buy it, but for like 40 extra cents. So you'd be sad cause you spent more money than you should've on cream cheese and went back, but on the way back you noticed the 7-11 and went there to buy some beef jerky. And while you're there you'll get a hotdog or 2. Then you'd leave and go home. And so you continue your conversation with the bagel police. But after about 2 hours, they got bored and left with 26 dollars worth of shoelaces, your dog, a teacup, and 3 paperclips. So you're like "Dude, fuck! I got robbed by the police!" then you'd continue eating your cream cheese. So after about 18 minutes of eating cream cheese, you're like "Man, I think I ate too much cream cheese." and you'd have to go to the bathroom. So you go in and relieve yourself. But while you're there, I come into your house and eat your cream cheese. Yarrrrrr. Also, I go into your kitchen and take another teacup, and your half empty bottle of cheap shampoo. Then I'd leave. So yeah! That's a freakin' awesome movie thing you've got there man. G'night. I'm gonna go see if I can get some more cream cheese.

It's the smash hit of the decade.

Ahh... cat dancing to cyndi lauper, car crashes, policeman riding a little bike, guy in mushroom costume... cat dancing to cyndi lauper! This movies contains EVERYTHING that is mandatory requirement to be on the front page. I just wish Piclownjew made a cameo.

Very Great, indeed!

This is the most epic, heartpounding, and meaningful flash that I have seen all year. The lives of those who watch this are instantly improved by it's greatness. I give you a 5/5, but 5's are thrown around so often these days, that such a score appears to be an understatement of this video's quality.


Very cool

I liked the treeman playing guitar. Keep this stuff up it was funny stuff.

Haha, brilliant.

That's all I can say.