Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"


Doing a great job, keep going

Pure Class

Flash like this is the reason why I love Newgrounds.
You can't beat that. Yet another promising artist. Im impressed
and I wish you all the best in your future career.

Poor guy...

It was crisp, all around.

But I have to say, sucks to be that guy. What you do, is not bring it, and if she DOES want "It", say you don't have protection.

Then bring it on the next date.

Great flash but way obvious

From the title alone you get the punchline let alone the whole cartoon builds up to that last joke which you see comming before even opening the movie. Still a great piece of flash and I love the expression on your characters faces.

damn, life is cruel

haha, wow. it so figures that happens. i bet it really does happen to. sigh...we just cant win. oh, by the way, amazing voice-over work and this was freakin hilarious, even if a little too true.