Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"


well, maybe my way of thinking suck but,
we should always have a condom in our pocket
cuz we never know... héhéhé

lmfao thats a preety accurate depiction

lmfao nice job dude. the dudes speech on stds was fucking hilarious. shit though u have to be sneaky when putting it on or at least bang her in the other hole hahahahahaha funny flash. im looking forward to what u have next

Nice one

XD thats hilarious!! Feel a little sorry for the guy but then i wonder what he was thinking. Why'd he bring the condom? Not meaning she aint like that but i mean. Wheres the fun in using condoms?

Never listen to a friend's advice

this was good, but i felt sorry for the guy who got kick to the side by his date. I mean, he was getting some and he blew it. Sucks to be him

I liked it.

Really enjoyed it, almost happened to me too one time.