Reviews for "Bring a Condom on a Date?"


this should be on front page!! this is what ng is about, humor lol GET OUT!!!!11

GREAT movie!

What I appreciate the most is the fact that you can tell the jokes and not have it resort to being cheesy and overly-scripted; the entire movie flows together so smoothly, and the voice-acting kicked some serious ass.

If you keep making them, I'll keep watching them. =P


omg that was SUCH a great ending! Wow absolutely genious, man. Great animation and great story!

haha thats great.....

lol man that was funny quote*who brings a condom on a first date*
he had no idea lmao great animation keep up the great work

Perfect and true.

Thats just how it is folks. Great job on the flash man, looking forward to see ya do more of these :-D.

And to the idiot guys out there, theres more to life then getting laid :-P, besides you dont want a girl thats gonna drop trout on the first date anywho lol.(Happily in a relationship 2 years and counting)