Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"


That was awesome make more! denga the point of the game is to save Atlantis!

good game

Very good game. I am just absolutely not sure if the secret of atlantis is worth so many dead divers. Well I donĀ“t think so. ANd that is why I gave only 5 points for humor, because the briefings were very funny.

The different bubbles are good ideas but too cruel for my taste. Interesting would have been bubble chains, items and a combo system.

Good game.

Great Game!!

This was a great game.I enjoyed it very much.The idea was very ingenuitive.I had no problems with the game except the fact that I could'nt draw circles when I was rushed,but that wasn't your fault.The game was a little short,so I propose that you make a sequel with longer rounds,and some bosses.Great game,keep em coming.

Good one


*very good but way too easy! Beat it without getting hit.
Make some boss monsters and more levels!

Easy, but fun.

See above.

I don't like how even the strongest enemies take 1 hit to kill, so to speak. perhaps have an enemy not able to be encased in bubbles, forcing you to bounce it?