Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

Nice work!

This is a very well-designed game with an enjoyable (if simplistic) game mechanic. What more can I say? Everything about this says "quality," and it's fun too!

One quibble: is there any reason to ever use the normal bubbles instead of the steel ones? Maybe the steel ones could use more air or something. Just a thought. Anyway, great work!


enough said

Its ok

Well its a good game, whats there at least. It needs more variation. And it needs a challenge. Once you get the steel bubbles you can beat the whole game using nothing but them. making the buble is fun, but it gets repetitive. The other bubbles are basicaly useless, not that they arent fun. but who wants to do complicated bubble patterns when they can win the game by just using one type? i was expecting enemies that NEEDED to be hit by the shockwave bubble or the others to get weak or die, maybe a boss with different parts requiring combinations of bubbles to defeat. Its a good game, just needs more too it.


The game is suprisingly good. At first I was first trying it just to see what it was. It is one of the best games I have ever played. When I saw that it was SFB I knew that it had to be good.

One thing: I think that shockwave bubbles and explosive bubbles should have been switched, making it explosioin bubbles last. I say this because everything became a lot simpler, you just make a really small explosive bubble right under a sub and BOOM! theyre gone. Otherwise, EXTREMELY good. SFB is a mark of quality. Seriously.

great game, but too easy

well, i really liked this game cause it was orginal, but i beat it the second time i played it, and the first time i only lost cause i didnt know wat to do.
it should b harder and more tactical, i mainly used the metal bubbles, once or twice the shrinking ones and i was talkin on messenger at the same time.
so i gotta say, great idea, but should b more difficult