Reviews for "Defend Atlantis"

ok, but..

it was an interesting game, just got annoying when I would attempt to circle enemies, but the circle wouldn't become a bubble. Kinda annoying when the enemies would be right above the base and the bubble just wouldn't form and I'd lose.

Maybe make it easier for the bubbles to form?

Too easy

way too easy but still a cool game


That was fan-fun-bismal! (yes thats right, i created a new word to describe this game). its original (as far as i know), fun, well made.... FANTASTIC! make more games. school these noobs in how to make games. GUN SON! GJ, and GL in the future.

(on a side note, it was imba, all you need is 1,2 and 4. its efficient fast and if you create small bubbles, easy, my base didnt get hit once.)

Great Game

Great job dude this was a great game i thought it was funny to watch the little scuba divers swim around and then they get crushed poisoned or blown up lol

Fun, but short lived.

That game was ridiculously fun, however, I don't think that the player should get a new bubble every level. Maybe an experience point idea in the (hoped for) sequel. I liked the bubble making idea myself. one problem I found was that once you get the exploding bubble, it doesn't matter the enemy or size of bubble, pop it near them and they explode. that made it a tad easy, But good job nonetheless.