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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"

Awesome work for a beta

This is really great. The reason I eve gave points for humor is that I just collided 4 planets arranged in the form of a penis. I hit the balls hard lol. As I said in the title, this could be good if you would put a minimap or stuff likethat there is a glow on the side of the screen to tell you that there is stuff there, the brighter (or just larger) the glow, the larger the stuff. I hope I have helped!

Good Game

I don't think a minimap is necessarily the way to go, just make the area you can see around you bigger and maybe some indicator where the different gravity pulls are that can effect you.


Yeah i gotta admit the last guy was right i think a minni map would help

Bad man

this was just...sad, tried survival mode, no luck, just floated around for half an hour, ever hear of a mini map? install one in this stupid game

good, with alot of potential

Grea game, but you would need to make a mini-map or sumthin and also be able to slow down faster

otherwise great game