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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"

Good, but music was kinda needed

I beat the level mode, challenging but fun. I like the game overall. Its well done, the gravity was done well.

You might want to think about adding easier levels to start off however, as I felt a little frustrated in the first level before I started to gety the hang of the game.

This is sort of like fishy, except in fishy there is no gravity, which makes this game unique because it changed something.

The graphics weren't that intricate, but what was done was done well.

Very Addictive

Its a very nice game; keep up the good work!


Not bad execution but it boils down to a poor mans fishy! that can't compare.

Awesome game

It is like fishy in space, and i love fishy! I found nearly nothing wrong with it besides some lag, especially when there are many masses that have spawned.

Graphics are good, awesome game and awesome style, no sound though at least I didn't hear any. As for violence, nothing really unless you see a planet that looks like Earth and you think crushing/absorbing it is gonna kill all the make believe humans on it... well interactivity 10 or 0, all or nothing, game or movie, so pretty self-explanatory, and humor well nothing really, but really well put together game. Thumbs up from me!

P.S. Survival mode is harder than i thought, but after a while of playing i managed to get #1 all-time (for right now), seeing as how scores are low right now. Well for all of you who have read my review i give you thanks by giving away my secret to getting a high score on it...

Simply wait a long time, without dying. Planets and rocks spawn over time and the longer you wait the more there are, I leave the game, on survival mode, open in another window, while im in a safe spot such as the corner of the map to avoid me dying by having a larger mass spawn next to, or under me, and if you wait for an hour or so there will be many small rocks on the outside areas (and inside) of the map, while there also will be many huge planets in the center as well, and yes they have a very strong gravitational pull.

- 3-sided-bob (hmm)

map please

can you please add a map or something to the game so we know where things are and also like a life or % metter so we know how big we are and plants near us two but its a good addtive game keep up good work