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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"

Addictive :)

This is really good, very addictive.

It could use some music though.

Also I was a little dissapointed to find out there were only three levels in the "level mode". Perhaps after you become a big enough star you could become a black hole, then a super massive black hole, then a galaxy, then a bigger galaxy, and so on...?

Regardless, I'm having a good time with this game, the survival mode seems to be rather devoid of rocks and planets small than yours, I've only manager to get up to 29.13 so far, but I'll keep on trying :)

One more thing, and I'm not sure how much you have to do with this, but on the "Hall of Fame" there is a place for your name, the date, and a place for "time" which seems to determine your score. However it doesn't seem that time has anything to do with it, it would seem that all that matters is how big you get, yet it does say "time" on the "Hall of Fame". I'm just wondering if that was an oversight or if there really is a reason for it?

Anyway, great game, I'll probably be playing it all day :P



I like this game, although it's hard to control the rock as it seems to go where it likes, it good. The graphics are ok, could do with some music, but good. Haven't gotten far since this is a hard game than others, but it's time consuming like games should be.

exteamly addiction!

Awesome game, I can't stop playing but finally found a way to. level 2 is far to hard though

A flawed, but fascinating game.

First off, I love the idea of this game, and I loved the controls of this game, and I even love the simple yet charming graphics to this game, but I do not love the actual game. Here's why: in the first place, don't force me to go through a tutorial like that; give me a help page that cleanly and coherently explains the rules to me. Also, some cute space music is needed, because otherwise it's very lonely out there. The controls were awesome though, and I loved how you gained mass and could eventually pull other planets and stuff to you. Why don't you finish this game, give us a little more of a mission based environment, and for gosh sakes add some sound! I will hopefully see this in a repaired state at New Grounds.

Nice little game

Very cool, and very addictive, at times a little hard too, the graphics were very well done, sound fitted in well too, controls were also very easy to use and the use of star parrallex, was a nice touch, good work