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Reviews for "Cosmic Crush"


Instead of daily 2cnd place, it should have been give daily OMFG THIS GAME IS OWNAGE place. Keep up the great work.

Just one question.

On Level 2, once I get sucked in among all those larger planets, is there really any way to use their gravity to slingshot my way out? I tried, by god-- I even went back on purpose to see if I could, but it really seemed like once I was within an inch of one of those planets in those clusters, it was over.

Obviously a great game otherwise.


I liked it.
It was a bit difficult,
but I loved the concept.

Good work!

original, awsome game

I loved this game. If this is your first time playing stick with it. It takes some time to get used too!!
I couldn't stop playing it, at least until i played the survival mode. I was looking forward to growing big but i only found like 2 or 3 small rocks each time i played. All in all it was an excellent game although i have a few sugestions. How about the larger planets give off light, dim light but enough that you know the general area of some planets, a couple of games i searched for a while then ran out of patients and charged striaght into a big planet, And maybe the big planets could give off some sound like erupting volcanos that get louder the closer you get. However, I think it is an awsome game that can stand on its own with out any modification. Good job.

Bi-Polar-Bear responds:

yeah youve got to tough out survival for a while before you can get very big, but hey, thats why its called survival :)

thanks for your positive feedback

Good Game, but needs improvement...

This was an enjoyable game up to an extent. Level two seemed way more difficult than level one (and even at that, level one was a serious challenge on its own).

As a game player, I think it would be necessary to add a radar or heads up display. Sure, there's more surprize in finding you're hurtling toward a gigantic planet, but it makes gameplay so much better.

It only happened to me once, but I did run into a planet smaller than mine and it restarted the level. You may want to check into it.