Reviews for "Going Nowhere: 01 (pilot)"


a movie about flash animators regaining their motivation, why wasn't this thought of sooner? this is great.

Nice flash.

Pretty cool one, the success will depend on if you manage to release them often.


nice, i liked everything. i give you a ten on everything exept humor. i think you could make it a bit funnier. it was kinda like the show 6teen. keep it up :)!!!!

nice credit music

pretty good, @nd you put in Sm@ll det@il$, like that 'open' $ign, which really matter.

Watch your tempo

There's obviously a lot of effort put into this and I like that. Its length is impressive. That being said, lets see what can be improved...

For one, be careful with your slow tempo. They walked slow, talked slow, replied slow, etc. You may want to get things going a little quicker next time.

For two, animation. Of course, doing such a long flash animation is a lot of work so it's good to recycle and use as little animation as possible. However, should you do that, make sure that what you DO have is up to snuff. For example, take a good look at the only large animations you have: the walk cycles. You have two foot cycles for one arm cycle, which currently makes your characters walk a little like robots ;)

Improving on animation and scene tempo will fix the bigger issues in your work. Keep a keen eye on these for your next one and it will be quite a nice piece of work.

Zandoid responds:

Thanks alot Klamper, I'll keep that in mind for next time :)