Reviews for "Going Nowhere: 01 (pilot)"

The animation was cool, but the music ugh...

It's nice to see someone animate well without excessive violence or fan fiction/video game parody. I've seen friends get blown off like that pretty funny stuff. Be careful with music with vocals not everyone is a fan of the same stuff, but each to there own. I'd like to see another episode

Pretty good

I like it, defanatly going to watch the next installments of this. You need to add something to keep peoples intrest in it, add a comic relief or at least like, a joke. Looking foward.

-Aron, OUT!

Bore-fest '06

Nothing kept me interested in the first few minute's. "Oh, how was your day" "I just did a lot of things" "Well why don't you tediously explain each one of those tasks" "Ok, first..."

You gotta keep the audience enticed every second. You really don't need plot development on the pilot, just CHARACTER development.

Not bad at all

This was not bad at all. I can see a storyline coming out of this and the graphics are pretty good too. Nice going!

...a solid piece...

...nice animation, story line and characters, audio was clear also...

...it could just be the way my mind works, or the way you animated their pants as they walk xD, but the fly seams, looked very much like a penis...like, I knew it was the fly seam, but it just made me laugh before anything else and then the whole movie I was waiting to see that...so it kind of ruined it for me...but I tried to enjoy it as much as possible...