Reviews for "Going Nowhere: 01 (pilot)"

Really like this. I'll be honest and say I nitpicked a little for it being like a typical slice-of-life you'd see on TV, especially when Clark is suddenly attracted to Gina and tried talking to her in the way TV generally does it (plus the music and when it's cued.) However, it served immedietly for Clark's inspiration, and we got to know him and Gina a little more. That's what's important. (gosh, Gina's mean. >_<)

Thought the slow talking fit well, and the video was a good length. I like how anyone can relate right away with the beginning when you or a friend of yours is having trouble and ask help from someone who has little interest, resulting in awkwardness the're both aware of but help each other out anyway.

There's really not much wrong with this altogether. It seems you really knew what you were doing at the time :) Boy, how far you've gotten from here.


A Great Start way to Go and great Voice acting from Mr. Tomar

its awesome to see...

where we started and how far we've come. the progression in our work and how the quality gets better and better the more time we spend perfecting it.


but gina is a total bitch

loved it

nice i would watch this real life hope to see what happens next