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Reviews for "-ganon95- The Liquid Fact"

Some really good BGM music...

Really liking this song, from the varied and catchy drum rhythms to the awesome underwater feel. What really strikes me in this song is that I can see this right at home in a game set in a water/factory level, and it really sounds good as background music. It even sounds good on its own, but I find it particularly good as BGM for a game, so I'll keep it in mind if someone's looking for game music over in the Audio Forum. ANYWAY, on to the review.

My favourite thing about this is that you managed to create a wonderful atmosphere where I can easily imagine myself in both a factory and underwater, making this fit with the name flawlessly. I think one particular thing that contributed to the atmosphere would be that echo-ish sound effect played throughout the song (heard clearly at 1:35). The use of square wave synths also help evoke that underwater feel, especially that background pad thing.

That being said, I have one suggestion which might make the atmosphere even better. The chimes in the beginning are a nice touch, although I think you should increase their high end a bit more and give them a good amount of reverb, until they sound a bit like a sort of sonar. I think that fits very well in underwater-type songs, although I'm not sure if it might work out. Give it a try.

Speaking of reverb, I think the song sounds a tad bit too dry. It might be just me, but in my opinion even though the song gives out a really nice atmosphere, I find some sounds a bit too dry, namely the drums and some of the leads. Perhaps if you give them a bit more of an echo without mudding up the mix (especially the drums which sound a bit too rough) then it might give the song a bit more depth and help with that underwater feel.

Regarding the drums, I really like them. They were varied very well and even though they were meant to be in the background, they still feel like a main part of the song. The kick is nice and bassey, the snare was fitting and the hats are very clear and work out well. Maybe you could make the hi-hat at 2:24 a bit less rough on the high end since it sticks out too much, I think, but other than that I have no complaints with the drums. I like the crash too.

Regarding the melodies, I can't complain much either. The progression of the melody was decent, the melodies were catchy, and as SBB pointed out, that major third sure does fit. Towards the end of the song the melodies got even better and all of the tunes and melodies were a pleasure to listen to. Nice work in this department.

Additionally, the song was quite well structured, and all of the different sections meshed together nicely. I *love* the ambient changeover in the middle of the song (at around 1:35). It provided a good amount of variety and sounded really awesome at the same time. One thing regarding the structure/variety is that I think some of the melodies were repeated a bit too much at times, for example the chimes melody at the beginning. Try and give your melodies subtle changes in the notes at times. It may not seem like much but in my opinion it really makes a song more interesting.

There isn't really much to say about the transitions. They were all well executed. I especially liked the transition at 1:35-ish, where you fade out the lead with some filter automation and then used a reverse cymbal to move on to the next section.

Random suggestions time... I think the intro could have started off with a bit more of a gradual progression. I mean it immediately starts off with those drums when maybe you could've introduced the drums gradually later on and used the first few bars of the song to build up an atmosphere. If this was a loop I wouldn't complain about the intro, but for a full song it could've been a bit better. Also at 2:36-ish I think you should introduce another element to the track like a bass pad to make that part more climatic. Just a suggestion...

Anyway, all in all I really enjoyed this track, and my only complaints are small nitpicks. Keep up the great work and thanks again for reviewing Beyond Control!

-Review Request Club-

ganon95 responds:

thanks :P

yeah i do agree with some of these things, one thing i try to do is add alot of good stuff without overdoing it, basically i try to keep it minimal but filled in at the same time. but thats just my style.

i do kinda agree with the gradual drum build up, ill have to try that and see if it sounds good :) i also like that 'sonar' idea ill give that a try too

thnx for the review!

Noticed an improvement :)

The drums or watever it's called (the bass?) is clearer in this update. It seems easier to differentiate between the different noises.

Thanks for the update!

ganon95 responds:

thnx :)

yea the volume levels are better

Very variant!

I'm currently making a game called "Rising Water", and this theme inspired me to add some cool context into it.

I like it! and it's pretty ironic at how the game takes place in a factory, with water pouring down into it.. this song certainly gives me some interesting ideas.. and I love how it matches the similar style..

Great job!

ganon95 responds:

thanks :)

are you going to use the song in the game?

Le Gasp!

Is it okay if i just shit my pants?

ganon95 responds:

permission granted

oh wow

Bell eargasm for the win. I love this song. I am now going to download it and listen to it continuously for the next week or so. You sir, win. That is all



ganon95 responds:


i have listened to this song continuously for...um...a while