Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"

LOL poor master shake.

It was like playing galiga with a Aqua Teen Hunger Force theam.Damn moonanites.Great game


Good work. Final boss was easy though. Also, make "Hard" a little harder. I found it way to easy to beat =)


I'm really not into these types of shooter games, but damn good job nonetheless. The graphics were very similiar to the actual cartoon. Great Interactivity! I too love Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

If you ever wanted to captivate me, an idea would be an ATHF adventure game--where you can go around as meatwad, mess things up, and screw with Carl.

Keep up the good work guy!

i love aqua teen hunger force

lol i love that show and this game rocks my striped socks lol but 2 bad fry lock ( or as carl says fry man) wasnt in it but w/e its still a great game

didnt care much for the gam.

the only reasons im rating this a 10, are because the intro was pretty funny,

and the fact that i love the show.

but the game DEFINITELY coudl have had more effort put into it.