Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"

Here's a hint

You're on the right track. Think of a code that worked for more than one game. Do you remember the old Konami code that gave you extra lives? Contra, TMNT, Frogger, etc. I just ran a google search on games affected by this certain code and was surprised to find out that Dance Dance Revolution also has something to unlock with this age old code.


man that game was great, but i like died at the first boss right after he deflated all the way & it made me skip all the way to the ending...unless that was the only level...but still great game you should like they sayed before me...make a movie with the aquateen people...good job

gspanovich responds:

No, that was a bug. Hmmm...

And, as for making a movie, ATHF is all about the amazing voice work :) If you ain't got Dana Snyder, it ain't Master Shake, you know what I mean?

Dude Kick Ass

I love Aqua team and its so cool to see some people making flashes about them. this was a pretty cool game. keep em coming



Hellz Yeah

Love it, pain in the ass at times, and thats what makes it great