Reviews for "meatwad arMOONgeddon"


I'm really not into these types of shooter games, but damn good job nonetheless. The graphics were very similiar to the actual cartoon. Great Interactivity! I too love Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

If you ever wanted to captivate me, an idea would be an ATHF adventure game--where you can go around as meatwad, mess things up, and screw with Carl.

Keep up the good work guy!

Fucking Awesome.

This is the most awesome shit i've ever seen. I seriously would pay to play this, and I dont say that about nearly any game.

I dont know what everyone is talking about this game being to hard. Just because I cant get past the second boss doesnt mean its too hard. It just takes skill, something that most games on newgrounds do not require. I enjoy playing and I love the quotes, you couldn't've picked better ones.

"hurry man before theres still time!"
"hows it work? whats the objective? how any bosses must I face?"

Friggin great. Please make a sequel! (or just add onto the first one)


who ever made this chould have a day for him like pico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
meatwad is the man!!!!!!!!!!

Very good

This game isa ton of fun. I really liked this game. Keep up the good work

this game sucks

WTf shitti a55 game damit