Reviews for "The December Calendar"

excellent idea

this should definetly be in the christmas '06 collection. Todays movie was pretty funny. I cant wait for the next one tomarow!

P.S. Can you do another one next year?

notorious responds:

Thanks and glad you'll return to this! I think i might do one next year, the only thing is i HATE putting deadlines on stuff and it's really pissing me off so maybe. we'll see.


loved it, keep it up.

notorious responds:

most deffinitly.

cool one

that was a cool animation... of what was there. i'm sure that this one will get better better and better as the month progresses.

notorious responds:

I hope it will. And i hope people keep checking back even if it isn't in the portal page anymore. Thanks for the good review!


if i wanted pink shoes for christmas ill just ask my gay next door neighbor.

u know know what im going to do huh....IM GOING TO BLAM IT THATS WHAT!!

notorious responds:

awwww but I was gonna give you pink shoes!


I voted 5 because I want to see 25 more shorts

notorious responds:

Sweet I'm glad you liked it and don't worry, this will be one super december calender!