Reviews for "The December Calendar"

From the looks of it..

You did a pretty solid job and I appreciate the direction of assuming different art styles.

What was the music on day 20? Sounded cool.

Uh huh.

Well it's entrancing, you wanna quit, but you can't, eventually I brought myself to however, and when I did, I could only bring myself to give it a six srry.

pretty good,

I would've given it a ten on everything but, there were some things that threw me off =\ but most of it was awesome, speacially your birthday one

eh heh heh

Got sort of boring near the end,buto n day 25 that made me laugh "omg omg omg" Liked that art style too. Good job

notorious responds:

lolol thanks for the good review!


Okay, what was with the hand that said Invalid ID on day two?

notorious responds:

Ummm... I don't know? How am i supposed to answer that question?