Reviews for "The December Calendar"


Sorry, couldn't resist.

notorious responds:



Endlich. Ein richtiger Adventskalendar im Internet. Wo bleibt nur die Schokolade?

notorious responds:

Sie kommen an dem zweiunddreizigsten Dezember.

It's pretty good...

but I don't see what this has to do with the holidays, aside from the December part and the gifts as buttons. This is a nicely done animation, but I think it would have fared better as a flash that was released at a different time, so the animations would make more sense.

Also, I find the animations a bit random, and think there should be a more organized set of animations.

It's good, but it should be about the holidays, or released at a different time.

notorious responds:

The holidays thing is that on the 25th there actually WILL be a christmas animation on here, so this is pretty much all leading up to christmas.
Also there is a real version of this calendar which is what this is based off of, it's called an 'Advent Calendar' and in each day of december you open another door on it and see what's behind that door. That is also based off of christmas. I think that answers your first paragraph.

The animations are random because if I did a similar animation for each day, there would be little surprise and everyone would know what the next day held and that wouldn't be very much fun now, would it?

Basically this calendar is all about leading up to christmas day. Yeah, maybe i should have been more clear about that but there you have it!

bar dinny goo goo!

this is koooool. it shoudl be on the christmas list. you have a great variety of styles. keep it up!

Preety clever

This is one of my favorite flashes!

I hope this does go into the christmas 06. And I also love how you put a new day every day! :)

your clever, clever clever clever!!! :D

notorious responds:

teehee thanks!