Reviews for "Tupac: prequel"


it was pretty funny but I think the music was a bit loud that you couldn't hear the voices well. The animation wasn't that good either but it was pretty funny.


pretty funny
didn't like the animation much but still very good 8/10

That was funny not bad at all.

I thought it was funny real funny. The only bad thing about the flash was the arms they kept comeing apart and stuff.
I give it a vote of 3


i laughed at the guys doing coke, oh and BTW it was reagan and clintin, not dole. anyway,the animation was poor. the arms were separate instead of one thing, at the elbow the separated into 2 pieces, then the heads were no different.the lip sync could ahve been far better also. now i'm no lfash artist but i seen what people can do, there are things alot better than this, with stick men....yeah.

anyway, I'm not going snap and be all "imma kill you muthafucka if u be dissin tupac liek dat again!" however, i do think that reason this has been so popular is that it makes fun of someone who was undeserving, of his death. yes he did some bad things but he worked to change things also.

my final opinion: the ANIMATION could have been better. and funnier.

Well... aren't politics great....

yeh.... you mean how you can use it to get Tupac killed? LOL. Genius animaton.