Reviews for "Tupac: prequel"


Awsome prequel to an awsome flash, outstanding job on this. I liked the way you put Senator Bob Dole and former President Clinton in this, seeing as how they were rivals back in the '96 elections.

First one was better This one was boring

If you thought this was funny you most smoke crack


Tupac that gay bitch, and yes mr.t suspectseverybody has fucked his mother

short seeet but very funny

only 1 question why did mr.t allways say muthafucker when he was talkin to evry1


Its funny how you set things up in this movie, even though it is using certain paradies of who the actors played. I really found it halarious. I like the morphious part the most, and how the biggest twist being how bill clinton fooled mr. T into going after tupac.

Finally, to anyone using the reviewing board as some damn message boards, stop being noobs and start being adults. Call me what you want, but i see too many poeple using reviews as message boards!