Reviews for "Tupac: prequel"


Oh man, this was pretty funny, long and very creative. how in the word did you make it such a small file and stream like that. out of all the flash movies I`ve seen I have seen, I`ve never seen one with smooth graphics and audio that streams even on this crappy 56k connection. Overall this movie was made VERY well.

Pretty good movie

overall a good movie, I have been wondering what was the story behind Tupac and Mr. T and his cheetos.

So thats what made him do it

Very good toon make sure to watch the sequel. I was wondering, was this toon made before or after the sequel cause I havent seen this before. anyways good toon and agree with the last guy ppl who ruin toons in their reviews suck dick

I was pissed off

I was pissed off that some ass would make fun of tupac, when i was sure they knew nothing about him
though when i saw how fucking funny that shit was
i had to give in. Though i'm sure you don't know
that tupac was an excellent poet and had various accomplishments in his life that make your movie a slap in the face to some people the shit was so funny that i forgot that i was pissed and enjoyed this piece to the last second. oh and bill clinton and his coke snorting ex pres. friend being behind tupacs real death, pure comedy.


Shit dude! thats some funny stuff