Reviews for "Vecina Volleys"


Sounds like something that would be in ModNation Racers :3

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Another new one to add onto the list!
Maybe after I make the faster version, I could see it being used but it's too slow right now haha
Thanks for the visit :]


i love ALL of ur songs..i downloaded them all =)))) thx for the awesome songs

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

It makes me feel really good to hear someone likes me stuff enough to download all of my stuff here
Thank you for all of your support

I'll be damned

I just listened to this thing for like 20 minutes, forgetting that it auto repeats. And the whole time I was jammin' out. Well played, sir..... Well played....

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

lol that's how I make most of my stuff
I've been trying to add endings to stuff, but for what I'm aiming for, loops are a necessity
Besides, most of the time I'd like to just skip the fade out or the ending and get to the good part as quickly as possible so I end up cutting it out
Thank you for your review

I Got Upgraded

You are the school biggest loser
You took out the biggest badass in school last week with your nerd fu you learned from countless hours of gaming
Everybody in school saw you did that
This week you came into the school with your new look
The guys was shock & awe at your sudden change & uber coolness
The girls swoons at the sight of you
You think, "This is the beginning of the best friggin day of my life"

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

If I didn't have an idea of what you were talking about, I'd be so clueless

This is a great song

I love just sitting and chilling to music like this, I think it's really good, it reminds me of the south african musical group Goldfish, they have great music like this.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'll have to add that to the list
If it was South anything, I think it would've been South America for me
I'll have to check 'em out sometime

As far as this track goes though, there's one point where I'm thinking of some menu for a video game
This is me trying to avoid the past statement of "video game music" that I've been classified under
But sure I think I can see what you mean by chilling.
This does take place at a tropical beach after all